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Mrs. Jorgensen's Class Has Been Learning About Measuring In Inches, Feet, And Yards

Mrs. Jorgensen

Mrs. Jorgensen's  class has been learning about measuring in inches, feet, and yards.  We went outside with chalk and yard sticks to measure how tall we are and how tall some animals are.  The salt water crocodile was the longest at an amazing 23 feet.  

Brookside Praise Note Winners For The Week Of March 12, 2018

Mrs. Liz Porter

Jazmin Sanchez lined up the ipads so they can charge quickly, Caleb Salmond always says thank you after being helped, Eli Whiting works hard on his math and having a positive attitude, Bailey Iese is working hard to understand math and is not aftraid to ask questions, Charlie Young picked up trash in the playground and threw it away, Luke Hodson is being a good friend to his classmate, Flo Reijer-Palma traded chairs with someone who wanted hers to make them feel better,

PTA In Need Of Classroom Door Decorators For Teacher Appreciation Week

Mrs. Amber Milligan

Attention all parents: Please consider signing up to decorate your students classroom door for teacher appreciation week. The teacher feels very loved and appreciated by this and the kids love it! Please click on the link below: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0449afac2fa1f58-teacher2


Brookside PTA Is In Need Of Volunteer's To Help With SEP Dinner Next Week

Mrs. Amber Milligan

Thank you parents, we have all the slots filled, you're the best!!!

Brookside Elementary Student Lead Conferences will be held, Thursday, March 15th. The PTA is providing dinner at 5pm for the teachers. If you can help out with bringing a food item it would be appreciated. Please click on the link below to sign up. Thank you so very much!


National School Breakfast Week Art Winner's

Mrs. Kimberly Whitney

This week we have been celebrating National School Breakfast Week. The students have been busy entering our art contest all week. There were so many great pieces of art turned in that it was very difficult to choose winners. We did come up with 6 winners, 1st Grade Brooke Engle, 2nd Grade Etta Kmetzch, 3rd Grade Sawyer Grover, 4th Grade Rhett Morrison, 5th Grade Jens Cutler, and 6th Grade is Sabrina Southern. Great job to everyone that participated, we have amazing artists at Brookside.