November 2009

Amphibians and Reptiles

Pond BS11-09.jpg

The first grade students spent a few weeks learning about amphibains and reptiles.  They even made their own pond to show off what they have learned.

Crazy Hair Day!

Crazy hair day BS 11-09.jpg

The students had Brookside had a great time on Friday, Novemeber 20 showing their school spirit by coming to school with their craziest hair!  We had some great looks!

Sixth Grade Orchestra

BS orchestra 11-09.jpg

The sixth grade orchestra at Brookside Elementary is going strong!  This program started three years ago with about 10-12 students.  Over the years it has grown to a class of more than 23!  These dedicated students meet an hour before school on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays.  Their instructor is Ms. Sarah Stoddard. 

Violins:  Sarah Smith, Jordan Wallentine, Lily Rauf, Stephanie Aragon, Damion Anderson, Emma Jo Page, Katelynn Van Buren
Violas:  Sierra Marshman, Anna Gurney, Matt Duncan, Allison Smith, Lauren Lyons, Jacob Snelson
Cellos:  Clarissa Scott, Sarah Skinner, Colton Shelley, Kayla Pexton, Gunther Snodgrass, Alyssa Oman, Madeline Taylor, Gray Burton, Sidney Gierisch


Angie Mangum

There were so many reflection items entered into the reflections contest this year!  We had many, many winners!  the computer system will not allow me to post all the pictures.  However, We wanted to list all the winners!

3D Art - Kaden DeLlamas, Brighton Anderson, Emilie Källåker, Hannah
Källåker, Clarissa Scott

Theatre - Sadie Mangum

Photography - Sierra Marshman, Collin Jensen, Kabe Rasmussen, Chase
Clement, Kasey Clegg

Dance - Lilly Bradley, Megan Billings, Wesley Mangum

Literature - Destiny Johnson, Kelsey Flanders, Turner Lumpkin, Jenessa
Crystal, Andrew Haneberg

Music - Gavin Blume, Annika Faux, Abigail Maccabee, Jordan Lumpkin

Video - Kate Southern, Rex Wilde, Brooke Critchfield

Visual Arts - Adalyn Sinclair, Jacqueline Bradford, Sadie Mangum,
Elise Willmore, Ethan Tull

Special Christmas Cards

LeAnn Andrews
service christmas cards BS11-09.jpg

Third graders in Mrs. Andrews class at Brookside Elementary write Christmas cards with their Jr. High Service Class Buddies. These cards are bound for Michigan to little 5 year old Noah Biorkman who has terminal cancer and is not expected to live to Christmas. His family is celebrating early and requested Christmas cards for Noah. With great love they made over 70 cards for Noah.

Roxaboxen in Second Grade

Becky Jorgensen

Second graders at Brookside Elementary concluded their communities unit by creating their own communities based on the book "Roxaboxen," written by Barbara Cooney. They worked in groups of 4 using pebbles, wood chips, stickers, construction paper, and their imaginations to create their communities in a paper box lid.


November Sunshine

Stephanie Ewing

Students at Brookside have been enjoying this nice November sunshine!

4th Grade Field Trip

4th grade BS field trip.jpg
4th grade BS field trip2.jpg

Diamond Fork Canyon Field trip for the fourth grade Brookside students
offered three exciting experiences in one. Exploring water, sights, and plants
kept them busy all day. They doned waiders to look for
wildlife with a fish net in the stream, tested water, hiked, and classified area plants.
The rangers were well prepared to teach them about the beautiful features of the canyon.
With only a few minor mishaps, splashes included, they returned filled with
excitement and a greater appreciation for the world around them.