December 2015

Christmas Sing-along

Mrs. Hobbs

It is such a fun tradition Brookside has to do a Sing-along with the whole school. All of the students work very hard to perfect two songs and perform them for everyone. We even had Santa Claus come and host it for us. Have a wonderful Christmas break! 

Time Dance

Mrs. Jorgensen

Time Dance

Second graders learn to tell time in am and pm. We act out what we would be doing each hour of the day, put it to music and call it our Time Dance.

5:00 am Sleeping

7:00 am. Waking up

10:00 am Recess, bouncing balls, shooting hoops.

11:00 am Reading

4:00 pm Eating a snack, a nice big juicy apple.

10:00 pm Sleeping

November Tigers of the Month

Mr. Gappmayer

November Tigers of the Month

First Grade: Ella Roberts, Ashton Forsyth, Irelynn Waycasey, Logan Jensen, Paige Stemmons, and Oakley Johnson

Second Grade: Brennan Herring, Emma Archer, Sami DeLlamas, and Kolby Laing

Third Grade: Brynlee Johnson, Bryan Salazar, Ethan Prestwich, Emma Burris, Abner Magana, and Ashley Fitzgerald

Fourth Grade: Lorelei Hansen, Ellie Grover, and Adia Clanton

Fifth Grade: Lucy Brown, Caroline Simpson, and Amanda Felix

Sixth Grade: Adison Green, Leah Lanier, and Kennedy Anderson