February 2018

Praise Note Students For The Week Of January 29, 2018

Mrs. Dana Beckert

These students are awesome and did praiseworthy acts this week. Charlotte Brady comes to school on time, Ethan Howes is kind to others and is a great thinker, Kera Patterson is a quiet worker, Korgan Howell stays on task, Maddix Thatcher is always a great example and does his best work, Josie Whiting picked up other students trash in the lunchroom, Madelyn Oman has been working very hard in her class, she has a smile on her face everyday, Jens Cutler picked up a lot of trash in the lunch room.

Thank you for all you do to work hard and improve yourselves and our school.

Brookside Students Enjoy "Book Tasting Day" In The Library

Mrs. Trisha Olsen

In the library this week we had a fun lesson on experimenting with different kinds of books. By sitting at a table with a group of 3-4 students, each student had a few minutes to sample each book at the table as if at a restaurant sampling different courses of a meal. There was a video of a fireplace going, soft music playing and Mrs. Olsen teaching about different kinds of books and what makes them appealing and enjoyable. The students loved the fun way the librarian brought the books to life for them for a day.