October 2018

Mrs. Beckert's Weekly Message

Mrs. Dana Beckert

Dear Parents,

Here are just a few reminders as we head into this week:

  • Important Election Dates

    • October 9: Last day for online voter registration https://vote.utah.gov

    • October 16: Ballots mailed to registered voters

    • November 5: Last day to postmark mail-in ballots

    • November 6: Election Day

  • The PTA has created a sign-up for the Fall SEP Dinner. It is going to be a baked potato bar. Here is the link to sign-up if you would like to bring something to help with that dinner. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0449afac2fa1f58-fall3

  • Reflections projects are due this Wednesday, October 10th. Please refer to the school website if you have any questions.

Again, parents, thank you for your support. Brookside is a wonderful place to be and will get even better as we work together to provide a loving education for each student. Have a wonderful week!

Dana Beckert, Brookside Elementary

Praise Note Students For The Week Of October 1, 2018

Mrs. Dana Beckert

Jack Smith always listens and contributes in class, Maverick York straightened up our ipads and helped classmates pick up centers, Wesley Martin was very kind and helped clean up the room and also helped stack chairs, Lydia Kmetzch works hard on all of her classwork and has a very positive attitude, Dominick Mortensen was determined to stay on task and he completed his work in enrichment, Brayden Smith took down all the chairs in the whole class to help, Chloe Parker always goes above and beyond in her work! Even though she gets frustrated when she doesn't understand, she keeps working at it until she gets it, Josh Creer always works hard in class and is respectful and kind to everyone around him, and Conner Mardis is extremely helpful and is always looking for ways to help around the classrom with no expectation of a reward.

Great job Tigers and keep up the fantastic job of working hard, having Tiger Pride and helping others. Thanks for Burger King for a free kids meal for all the above students.

Haunted House Projects

Mrs. Miranda Graves

This is a huge project about following detailed verbal directions. The houses start out as paper, are copied onto pieces of card stock, cut out, and then assembled in class. Our haunted house village this year was called Haunted Hills. Then we (Mrs. Bird and myself) spray paint them out behind the school during planning time. After they dry, we have a class party where we decorate them--in record time--while listening to Halloween music.  

We use our houses to write stories about how they became haunted. We create characters with distinct character traits who lived in the house prior to its haunting. It is a project of epic proportion, but definitely gets us in the Halloween spirit!

Happy Haunting from Mrs. Graves' 4th Graders!!

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Second Grade Learns Colors

Mrs. Darla Stapel

Second grade students have been learning about colors.  They know that the primary colors are red, yellow, and blue.  They know that you can mix the primary colors and make secondary colors. The secondary colors are orange, green, and purple.  In class all students made a Primary Colors Quilt as well as mixing Play-Doh to make a secondary color wheel. Probably the most fun was learning how to play a Primary Color song and the "C" scale on Glockenspiels.  Come check out our 2nd grade hall to see their artwork.

There is a cute video of Mrs. Stapel's class singing about colors on our facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/brooksidetigers/

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