6th Grade Track and Field Events

Mrs. Hobbs

We are so proud of how well the 6th grade students performed at the track and field events! There was only one event where Brookside did not have any students place! All of the students had a lot of fun and they were constantly cheering each other on. 

Softball Throw (Girls) Ella Stoddard 1st place (128´ 3¨)

Long Jump (Girls) Maliyah Maye 1st place, Emma Messenger 6th place

800 Meter (Girls) Halle Fales 1st place (2:53:44), Calianne Skinner 5th place (3:07:05), Cheyenne Skinner 6th place (3:09:72)

800 Meter (Boys) Erik Kallaker 4th place, McKay Whiting 4th place 

400 Meter (Girls) Halle Fales 1st place (1:10:53), Cheyenne Skinner 4th place (1:17:18)

400 Meter (Boys) Jace Welsch 2nd place (1:07:81)

200 Meter (Girls) Halle Fales 2nd place (31:47), Ella Stoddard 3rd place (31:69)

200 Meter (Boys) Zack Antonino 2nd place (29:50), Cole Clements 4th place (30:41)

100 Meter (Girls) Ella Stoddard 3rd place (15:07), Calianne Skinner 4th place (15:12)

100 Meter (Boys) Seth Rigtrup 1st place (13:45), Jace Welsch 2nd place (13:47), Cole Clements 5th place (14:22), David Lopez 6th place (14:84)