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Brookside Praise Note Students For August 29, 2019

Submitted by liz.porter on Fri, 08/30/2019 - 12:16
Mrs. Beckert

Payton Paxton was sharing her pencils with classmates, Jason Truscott came back from his family trip and got caught up right away. He worked really hard, Andres Solorio is always on taska nd doing his best work. He is an amazing example of respect and responsibility, Mary Finlayson stayed in from recess on her own to ask for help understanding. Way to take the initiative in your education, Samantha DelLamas, Juliet LeSueur, Sidney Brooks, Rhett Morrison, and Bryce Thomas persevered to finish an activity even though they kept getting stuck. Grant Dover has been in charge of all chromebooks for our class, Chase Zufelt stayed behind and cleaned our classroom without being asked, Crosby Cutler is making incredible progress in reading over the summer, Matt Christian stayed behind to help clean our classroom. He took some of his own time to do it, Sage Nance is always caught helping a friend with projects and getting things done around our class, Brooke Engle has taken care of all the chromebooks for our class which is a big job, Lenixx West is fun and sweet. She always has a fun story to tell that makes Miss Harman smile, Carson Young is very respectful and always on task. He is nice to everyone and is a great helper to Miss Harmon, Freddie Wood loves to read and is a great silent reader, Emi Cruz followed the hand signal and held her hand up at the assembly, Allie Lervill helped a friend who fell down, Jaxon Jensen helped Mrs. Nielsen pick up her things that she dropped.

We sure appreciate all the super things our Brookside students are doing on a daily basis. Keep up the praise worth acts Tigers!