December Tigers of the Month

Mr. Gappmayer

First Grade: Quin Clegg, Ellie Cowley, Ryan Reilly, Cody Hill, Reed McFerson, and Charlie Smith

Second Grade: Kami Hill, Jazmin Menjivar, Kira Olson, and Jacqueline Valadez

Third Grade: Lexie Antonino, Scarlet St. Julien, Meleah Carpenter, Geovanny Tienda, Kimbal McFerson, and Jens Cutler

Fourth Grade: Brayden Erickson, Brindley McCarty, and Carlie Talbot

Fifth Grade: Jaxon Morrison, Trevin Kelly, and Eliza Yeagley

Sixth Grade: Ryder Poulson, Jacob Arbon, and Maliyah Maye