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Our School Counselor

Submitted by susan.bird on Thu, 09/05/2019 - 08:17
Miss Susie Bird

We love to have our school counselor, Miss Beckham, come in to teach us.  This week, she visited Miss Bird’s fifth grade class and talked about what a counselor does at our school.  The students learned that a counselor does a lot for the student. Here are some of the things the fifth graders learned that she does for them:

  • Miss Beckham is here for every single student.
  • She comes into our class to help everyone achieve their highest potential.
  • She does a college week to learn about college and careers.
  • She will help students brainstorm solutions to a problem they are having.
  • Miss Beckham wants every single student to know that they are important and a valuable member of our school.
  • Our counselor can help us understand the hard feelings that we are having.
  • Miss Beckham is here to help keep us safe.

Thank you, Miss Beckham for all you do for us here at Brookside!

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