School News

Mr. Dustin Anderson Is The Recipient Of The Crystal Apple Award

Mrs. Tamara Smith

Dustin has been teaching for 5 years. He started his first year at Santaquin Elementary and then moved to his favorite job yet,at Brookside Elementary. He loves it so much that he will be a lifer here, as long as he gets to keep his big windowed classroom ;) 

Here is Dustin's story about why he became a teacher: Sarah Matis was the first reason I wanted to be a teacher.  I still remember one time I opened the door for our class going to the library and Mrs. Matis thanked me and told me how I was such a gentlemen for doing it.  In addition to several instances such as that she was constantly lifting other students up and helping them see the positive.  She made everyone feel like they were valued,  it was a lot of small things that made a difference in my life like that that I wanted to do for others.  Also,  seeing the change and impact on others I had teaching on my mission in Japan played a role in it as well and realizing that I enjoyed doing it. I wanted to make a difference in people's lives and change people's lives like mine had been.

Brookside Elementary Is Collecting For Tabatha's Way This Week, Today Students Brought Canned Goods

Mrs. Porter

Brookside elementary students brought in a lot of canned goods today in their Santa Hats and then were able to wear their hats the rest of the day. This week we are collecting goods for Tabatha's Way. Tomorrow students can donation sweaters and coats and wear their ugly Christmas sweaters for the day. Our collection for the refuges continues as well until Wednesday with Lifting Hands International. They need girls and boys underwear, baby diapers and wipes, and blankets.

Thank you to all that are helping in these giving efforts. So many lives are being touched by your thoughtfulness.

Brookside Praise Note Recipients For The Week Of December 11, 2017

Mrs. Dana Beckert

Brady Petersen makes everyone laugh and is a good sport, Teagan Farrer is nice and makes people laugh, David Sanders stayed on task and stays busy when finished with his work, Bailey Iese shares with others, Edie Wilde always makes sure that everyone is included, Riker Fullmer listens to the teacher and follows the rules, Taylor Woodward always cleans up quickly and quietly, Cole Levengood helped put out chairs and does what Miss Bird asks, Eduard Orozco is honest, and Cambree Farrer is kind and helps her classmates.

Thanks to everyone that is working hard at being praise worthy!

Monday Message for December 11, 2017

Mrs. Dana Beckert

Monday Message for December 11, 2017

Dear Parents,

Our student council is sponsoring a “Christmas Spirit Week”, December 18-21. During this week we are going to have dress up days along with a coordinating service focus. The schedule is as follows:

Monday, December 18 – “Can” you fill Santa’s Hat?

    Load your Santa hat up with canned goods. Bring them to the office for us to donate to the local food bank and then wear your hat the rest of the day.

Tuesday, December 19 – “Sweaters for Sweaters”

    Wear your best Ugly Christmas sweater and bring in any nice, gently used sweaters and other clothing to be donated to a local thrift shop. Drop off the articles of clothing in the baskets in the office.

Wednesday, December 20 – “Warm the Soles”

    Wear your favorite Christmas socks! And bring in any slightly worn, old shoes to donate to a local thrift shop. Again, bring these to the office.

Thursday, December 21 – Christmas Spirit!

    Christmas dress up day! Come as an elf or maybe Rudolph. Wear your favorite Christmas pajamas. Let’s celebrate this last day before Christmas break!

Thank you to Mrs. Antonino, Mr. Gappmayer, and our student council for all their hard work!

Merry Christmas,

Dana Beckert


Brookside Elementary Choir Performed At Reams And At The School

Mrs. Tami Evans

We had a large Brookside choir this year that had their performance last week. We were also asked to perform in November at Reams for their holiday open house. Thank you to all the parents and students that participated this year to make it one of the best and largest choirs we have ever had. A big thank you to Tami Evans for being the choir director and Mrs. Ann Gallagher for being the pianist.

Mrs. Pickering’s 1st Grade Class Learned To Code Last Week

Mrs. Brynlee Pickering

This week the school’s digital coach, Myles Peterson, helped Mrs. Pickering’s 1st grade class learn to code. It’s Computer Science Education Week and all of Brookside was challenged to participate in Hour of Code. Students and teachers were asked to complete one hour of code throughout the week and Mr. Peterson took on the task of helping classes get started. All of Mrs. Pickering’s students were able to use iPads and learn to code. The best part about it was that the kids were being challenged, engaged, and having fun. To say we have some tech gurus in our future is definitely an understatement!


Brookside Praise Note Recipients For Week Of December 4, 2017

Mrs. Dana Beckert

At Brookside Elementary we are finishing up the year with many students going above and beyond in doing praiseworthy acts. Corbin Moore helped Mrs. Lamb organize in the skills room, Jane Thompson helped clean up the classroom floor after students left, Samantha Rigtrup helped a classmate with her artwork, McKenzie Cooper and Haylee Marion held the door for students after recess, Parker Young shared his notes with a classmate who missed them, Ethan Dover spent his time wisely after finishing his work, Tyson Eves is always working hard and doing his best, Brock Mickelson was sitting quietly when and where he should be setting a good example, Andres Solorio stayed behind to help a friend with a project, Alexandria Oman is always happy for others, and Lydia Kmetzsch helped put away Ipads.

Thanks students for looking for ways every day to make our school great!

UVU STEM Fair Last Week. The 4th, 5th, and 6th Grades Participated

Mrs. Tamara Smith

Our students attended the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) Fair last week where they rotated through different stations with hands-on activities demonstrating cool robots, a wave model, spaghetti noodle bridges, and much more! Our students are learning more about the cool things they can do in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This will prepare them for the future. And here are some photos and a write up about our Science visit from Discover Gateway: Fifth grade students enjoyed learning more about Chemistry and chemical reactions from the Discover Gateway Reaction Time representative. She showed them some cool experiments and then each class participated in their own chemistry experiments in a lab. We didn't blow anything up--but there was lots of foam, bubbles, and a little flame! Don't worry--we wore our safety goggles!

Give A Gift To A Refugee Child Going On Now At Brookside Elementary

Mrs. Jennifer Frahm

Here at Brookside on our tree in the office area are hand ornaments with a gift suggestion for a refugee child. We are doing this with Lifting Hands International which ships donations directly to refugee children in Jordan and Lebanon. The process is simple: Choose a hand off the tree, bring the gift back by December 20 and share the word with friends and family. Needed items are baby wipes, diapers, fleece blankets, boys underwear and girls underwear, socks, pants, and sweaters. You can visit: for more ideas on how to help. Any additional questions can be answered by Jennifer Frahm 206-353-1064.

Thanks for your support and help with this in advance.