Brookside Elementary Praise Note Students For Week Of 4-12-2019

Mrs. Dana Beckert

Jennasis Ellison tries to make up with friends when they have a conflict, Allie Hanks is always willing to play with students who sit on the buddy bench, Allie Knoebel helped set up the class for the day, Hollister Churn is always nice to other people, Zeke Diaz tries really hard to be a good friend and peacemaker, Matthew Christians quietly helps neighbors, Deklan Wilson has been very dedicated to completing his work on time, Nikita Love always takes her time and does her best on every assignment, Marlee Brown helped a student who was having a hard day by helping them feel better, Perla Ruelas goes the extra mile when she does classroom chores or school work, Stetson Oldroyd is always adding detail to his writing and writes the best stories, Annie Stewart is constantly complimenting others and says "Thank You", Cooper Carter is always willing to be any students partner and works hard with any partner