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Brookside Elementary April 29, 2022 Praise Note Students

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Praise Note Students This Week

Lots of students helped us out around Brookside Elementary this week. Bentley McCarty followed directions and was being a good example, Hazel Allred went above and beyond in her class job, Jaxtin Aagard focused and worked through a quiz with a good attitude, Alex Home comforted a student that lost a dollar for the book fair, Ivan Lopez helped a student clean up spilled soda even though he didn't spill it, Ann Crawford is a wonderful teachers helper. She is always helping her classmates, Elijah Flores helped a student who got her feelings hurt, Max Dietz helped a student to the office after they got hurt, Caden Elias cleaned up trash that wasn't his everyday this week in the cafeteria, Shawn Costello has been working hard to do his best and follow instructions, Quinn Rummage is a good friend to everyone and makes other kids feel like they have a friend, Maggie Miller always does her best and pushes herself to grown and be better, Leah Simkins is so compassionate and nurturing of her classmates who are struggling, Maili Kentjana Putra worked hard to get everything caught up after she missed a couple of days, Nelson Gaytan helped a classmate at the track meet to get to his races on time, and Truman Burton helped his classmates to understand the math problems.


Principal Beckert