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Brookside Elementary Praise Note Students For December 10, 2021

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Praise Note Students This Week

We've had some praise to give this week to a few students that have worked really hard.  Brooke Engle helped a second grader untie a knot in his shoe, Samantha Peugh always is the first to volunteer to help a classmate, Surreal Seely is caught up with all of her assignments, Brielle Henrie worked hard to complete all her assignments that she was missing, Rose Chain is a good friend to those that have a hard day, Katie Cunningham cleaned the snow off of cars after school, and Victoria Fowels was kind to someone at recess and helped some students from another class come in from recess. Nathan Cunningham (not pictured) cleaned the snow off of cars after school.

We think all our students are great and are working hard. Thank you to all of them!


Principal Beckert