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Brookside Elementary Praise Note Students For January 13, 2022

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Praise Note Students This Week

Lots of students have helped this week picking up trash around the school and have received recognition for this. We sure appreciate our students looking out for our school. Draiden Seely, Ty Pedigo, Owen McCabe, Amelia Bowers, Sairi Nicol, Zadie Harper, Junie Lewis, Huck Lewis, Rhonan Stansfield, Zander Newby, Sidney Strong, Lydia Brown, James Pendlebury, Amber Schmutz, Nathaniel Jay, and Bridger Farrer. We also have Margaret Bastian who asked people in the classroom if they wanted to be included in her math game and she also helped another student who was crying and cheered her up.

Keep up the great work Brookside students! We appreciate all the good deed's done here at our school

Principal Beckert