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Cougar Build Assembly

Submitted by susan.bird on Fri, 03/03/2023 - 10:36
Cosmo Cougar
Built to work - doing push ups
BYU dunk team
Mrs. Bird and Miss Harness helping the dunk team
BYU dunk team
BYU dunk team
BYU dunk team
BYU Dunk team, athletes and Mrs. Grant commiting to be Cougar Built.

We had athletes from BYU and the BYU Dunk Team come and talk to use about being Cougar Built. There are four parts to this. Built to live, built to learn, built to connect, and and built to work. 

First, built to love. What does it take to be a good fiend?  To be nice and kind to other people. They talked about two ways to show others you are loved. First, smile. We can make others day better just by smiling at them. And the second thing is to share with others. 

Next is built to learn. Work hard at school, Come everyday and learn new things. Listen and learn from your teachers. 

Third, built to connect. This is where they talked about using technology. How is the best way to use technology?  Some answers included to learn, watch videos, calling and connecting to relatives. But we were reminded that we need to be careful with technology. 

And finally, built to work. We all live to play outside. What do we need to have enough energy. Water, good food, sleep and exercise. We were reminded that there are things not good for our body. And we should stay away from things that are not good for us. 

We watch Cosmo and the BYU dunk team perform and they reminded us that it is okay to make mistakes.  What do we do when make mistakes?  Should we be mean to ourselves?  Ask for help? We should definitely ask for help, not give up and keep trying. 

We had a blast!  Thanks for coming! 

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