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Crystal Apple Award - Mrs. Angela Larsen

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Angela Larsen
Mrs. Larsen and Ms. Grant
Mrs. Larsen
Mrs. Larsen receiving the award

We are so excited for Mrs. Angela Larsen to win our Crystal Apple Award for this 2023-2024 school year!  Mrs. Larsen is an amazing teacher.  She works hard, is devoted to her students and you never see her without a smile.  She truly deserves this award.

Here is what her teammates said about Mrs. Larsen:

  • Angela is an awesome teacher! She is so organized, keeps amazing data, and is so loving to her students.  She is upbeat, plans wondrous lessons, she definitely knows what she is doing!
  • Angela is an incredible team lead for our Kindergarten team. She is very organized and openly shares her lesson plans and ideas. Her students' growth is always her focus and daily works to meet each of their needs. She is kind and attentive to her students-even those students that can be a challenge. Angela has been amazing to help me in my first year and always helps me to feel valued and a part of the team. She really is amazing!

Congratulations, Mrs. Larsen.

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