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Happy Retirement Mrs. LeAnn Andrews

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Mrs. LeAnn Andrews

Congratulations, Mrs. LeAnn Andrews, on your retirement.  LeAnn has been at Brookside for 19 years!  She is a phenomenal teacher.  She is loved by everyone. Her door is always open and is willing to help a coworker with just about anything. Students love her and will come back just for a hug and to say hi.  Mrs. Andrews says, “I love teaching, from my earliest recollection, I always wanted to be an elementary school teacher.” That shows in the love and passion that she has for this profession.She is kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and so much more.  And she is the best hugger.  We will miss you, Mrs. Andrews!  Congratulations!


How many years have you taught? “I have taught a total of 21 years with 19 years st Brookside Elementary, my second home.”


What grades have you taught? 

  • Juab Middle School 1989-1991 6th & 7th grade
  • 3 years at home with my kids
  • Brookside Elementary 1994-1995  4th grade; 1995-1996  1st  grade; 1996-1998  2nd grade 
  • 10 years at home with my kid
  • Brookside Elementary 2008-2009  4th grade; 2009-2012  3rd & 4th  grade; 2012-2017 4th grade with my Daughter next door; 2017-2023  4th grade

What has been your favorite thing about teaching? “I love being with the kids. I love when the learning light shines in their eyes and it all comes together. I love learning new things with my fellow students and teachers.”


What will you miss the most? “I will miss the first day of school and the last. I will miss all the fun days in the middle. I will miss all my teacher friends too.” 


Do you have a most memorable moment as a teacher? “I loved teaching for five years with my daughter’s classroom next door. We would talk about how to help “our kids” to have the most success. I loved the few years that I got to teach 3rd & 4th grades. I was able to have a few students for two years in a row.  I remember laughing about funny things my students would say and do.  I remember the old school with its beautiful windows in the library.”


Do you have any advice for a new teacher? “My advice to new teachers is to teach because you love it. Be happy to be a teacher because your students will know if you hate your job!”


Now that you are retired, what do you plan to do? “In my retirement I plan to travel around the world.  I plan to spend time with my family.” 


Anything else you would like to add? “I hope my past students will come and say HI to me when they see me around town. Remember to tell me who you are because in my head you are still 10 years old and you have changed more than I have over the years.”


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