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Net Positive Assembly

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Our present for the net positive assemble
student listening at the assembly
student listening at the assembly
student listening at the assembly
our presenter
student listening at the assembly

On Tuesday, students attended the Net Positive Assembly. Our presenter delivered his message about using technology safely. He began with the message that the internet is powerful. It can be good because it can help us learn, gain knowledge, grow and connect to others. But it can also distract us. He reminded us that we have a choice. Are we going to use the internet for good so that it can help us be our best or are we not? 

He  gave us some Advise about how to find digital balance in our lives. 

  • No devises at bedtime
  • Set timers
  • Plan ahead for entertainment


He also talked about being safe when we using technology, especial the internet and  social media. He informed us that every time we interact with the internet we leave a digital footprints and it can impact your future. 

A few other messages he shared with students were that we should be mindful when we are using the internet or social media. We need to think about people before technology. And Be kind on the internet. 

He left us with a question: How can we use technology  to help us be our best selves? 

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