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Praise Note Students For April 15, 2022

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Praise Note Students This Week

We had a lot of students pick up trash out on the playground this week. Thank you to Porter Moyer, Zoe Mendez, Chanell Eagar, Adam Thompson, Jayde Walker, Hank Houston, Gordon Garlock, Keifer Berge, Rachel Archer, Avery Summers, Drew Peterson, Serenity Reyes, J T Papa, Hank Houston, Nathanial Jay, Michelle Brockbank, Owen Hylton, Jonah Anderson, Amber Schmutz, Dieter Chaston, Kieffer Berge, Macey Holley, Sairi Nicol, Jefferson Niu, Rhonan Stansfield followed directions, Gabe Barker persevered during the math assignment, Huck Lewis stayed on task and followed directions, Sid Strong is a good example of being engaged during math, Victoria Fowles chose to walk in the hall when others were running.

Thanks students for looking out for others and our school. Go Tigers!!


Principal Beckert