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Retiree: Liz Porter, Laurie Bills, Sandra Lamb, Dana Beckert
Mrs. Dana Beckert receiving a t-shirt quilt from the faculty
The t-shirt quilt
Mrs. Beckert
These ladies are retiring.

We have been lucky at Brookside to have amazing individuals working here and being part of our family. We have four of these individual retiring this year. 

Dana Beckert, principal

Mrs. Beckert is an amazing leader, example and friend. She is an advocate for learning and loves a good quote. She is always out and about, talking with students, teachers and parents, getting to know them and showing that she cares about them. We hope that she know what a difference she has made. 

Mrs. Beckert said:  It has been a joy to be at Brookside. It has been a joy because of the students, staff members, teachers, and families I have had the opportunity to work with. Brookside’s motto is “Dedicated to Learning, Guided by Caring.” That says it all! It is parents, families, students, and teachers coming together for the benefit of all students. Brookside has been a great place to be! Thank you for all your support over the past five years. I have been so fortunate! Thank you!

Laurie Bills, Secretary 

Mrs. Laurie Bills has been a fixture at Brookside for as long as we can remember. She always has a smile for you and can always solve your problem. We are sad to see her go but excited for her new adventures. 

Mrs. Bills said:  I can't even put in words what a great opportunity and blessing Brookside has been in my life. I have made life long friends, and learned so much over the years. I love each and every teacher here and all the different unique personalities. I have so much respect for the teachers and administrators as I watch all the love and care and dedication that goes into each student. I also love the students here. I will forever carry the memories made here with those sweet and sometimes not so sweet students. I love them all!! I will miss and  cherish Brookside and everything it entails the rest of my life. It will always be my school!

Liz Porter, Secretary

Mrs. Porter works in our office, as well. She has been over our attendance and does much more than we ever know. She will greet you with a smile and help solve whatever you need. She is quick to lend a hand and help where needed. We wish Mrs. Porter the best is her new pursuits. 

Mrs Porter said:  Brookside is such an amazing school to work at and to be a student at. My children attended here and loved it. Everyone has been so welcoming and now that my time has come to an end I'm feeling very sad. So many people and students have touched my life here and I am so grateful to be a part of so many lives. I hope to now spend time with my family and grandchildren, travel and volunteer. I will drop by and say hi often!

Sandra Lamb, Technician 

Mrs. Lamb has been at Brookside for 22 years. She has worked in our Skills Room, working with students, helping teachers with projects and anything else someone might needs. She is someone you can talk to, laugh with and complain to and she is right there with you. She has amazing talent for helping and talking with the students and making them feel loved. Mrs. Lamb is amazing and it won’t be the same without her!

Mrs. Lamb said: What I love most about Brookside  are the amazing teachers, staff and students.  As a child I went to Brookside so it holds many memories that are very dear to my heart. I was lucky enough to be able and come back. I have loved my time working with all of my Brookside family over the years. The hundreds of students who have passed through the doors still see me on the streets and say hello.  I couldn’t have found a better place to work these past 22 years. I ABSOLUTELY have loved my job!!!  I love Brookside it will forever hold a huge part of my heart. I will miss everything about it but I look forward to the next chapter in life. 

We will miss these wonderful women and wish them the best in the chapters that come next. 

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