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Saying Goodbye to Friends

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Mrs. Andrews and Miss Grant
Miss Harkness and Mrs. Gran
Mrs. Petersen and Miss Grant
Miss Iverson and Miss Grant
Mrs. Ward and Miss Grant
Mrs. Bowers and Miss Grant
Mr. Bell and Miss Grant

We have some friends leaving Brookside this year and they will be missed.  They are moving on to different opportunities and we wish them them best in all their new endeavors.

Mrs. LeAnn Andrews, one of fourth grade teachers, is taking a year off.  Mrs. Andrews has been a fixture in fourth grade for many years and she will be missed this next year as she takes a year off.  

Miss Adaline Harkness, a fourth grade teacher, will be headed to Rees Elementary to teach second grade.  Miss Harkness was an intern this year and was amazing teaching her fourth graders.  Miss Harkness is patient, kind and knowledgeable.  Rees is getting a really great teacher.  We wish her all the best!

Mrs. Steffanie Petersen, a second grade teacher, has the opportunity to teach second grade at Spring Lake Elementary.  We have loved having Mrs. Petersen in our second grade.  Her students love her creativity and that she made learning fun!  We are sad to see Mrs. Petersen go! 

Miss Breanne Iverson, one of our second grade teachers, is transferring to Alpine School District to be closer to home.  We are excited for Miss Iverson for this new opportunity. Her new school is small and she will be the only second grade teacher.  Those new second graders are getting an amazing teacher!

 Mrs. Sarah Ward is our instructional coach.  She has helped every teacher here to become better at our job.  She is always willing to help, teach a sample lesson in our class or just bounce ideas off of.  Mrs. Ward has the opportunity to work at BYU.  We will miss you!

Mrs. Kristie Bowers, one of our speech teachers, will now be working at Westside.  Mrs. Bowers has been working with many of our students and is amazing with them, helping them with their speech.  We wish you all the best at Westside.

Mr. Timothy Bell is one of the district computer specialists.  He is great at his job and is always willing to help with whatever we may need.  Next year, he as been assigned to different schools.  We will miss Mr. Bell.

Mrs. Jenny McDonald, our PE teachers, is also leaving us.  We are so grateful that Mrs. McDonald stepped up to teach our PE classes when we couldn't find anyone.  She is so creative with the games and skills that she teaches the students.  The kids have loved going to PE each week.  We thank her for her dedication and wish her the best!

Miss Andria Beckham has been our school counselor for several years.  She has been there for the kids and has come into classes to teach student skills that help them in life.  Thank you for everything you have done for the students her at Brookside.  We wish you all the best!