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September Tigers of the Month

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Tigers of the Month

September Tigers of the Month!
We are so proud of these student who have shown friendship to others, worked hard, tried their best, being kind to others and so much more. They got to eat lunch with Ms. Grant and they had so much fun!
Hadley Summers, Patience Hodac, Rayne Rodriguez, Henry Allred, Evelyn Apolinar, Braelyn Williams, Kyra Bridges, Henry Millar, Trevor Anderson, Sammie Bouton, Jaxon Fairbourn, Sophie Ellsworth, Hazel Allred, Easton Holbrook, Oliver Castleton, Lexie Stucki, Max Thompson, J.T. Papa, Jazmine Pa’au, Luke Weight, Andie Bouton, Issac Bolen, Macey Holley, John Hayes, Annie Moyer, Aaron Maciel Ruiz, Mason Kentjana Putra, Coraline Everly, Griffin Smith, Ann Crawford, Henry Orme, Allie Hanks, Caden Elias, Nathan Cunningham, and Aida Patten.

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