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Student Council Conference

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Brookside student council
getting ready for the conference to begin
taking notes
In between sessions
eating lunch

Our student council was able to attend the student council conference at BYU. They were lucky to hear from some amazing speakers. Meg Johnson talked to us about SCI. She challenged the kids to Smile, Compliment and Invite. John Bytheway talked about finding the prize inside us and everyone else. He challenged us to surround ourselves with greatness and spread that to others. 

After enjoying a sack lunch in the sunshine and being able to stretch our legs, we settled in to listen to our afternoon speakers. Ryan Radebaugh talked about clear communication and the importance of using our superpower of being on the student council to welcome others, to make another students day better and that words matter.  Our next speakers were Michelle Love-Day and Toni Brown. They talked about leadership. They reminded the Students that anyone can be a leader and to include everyone. Ms. Live-Day challenged them to be creative when finding solutions to the unique problems that happen in our school. They also talked about how to be active listeners.  We concluded with Brad Barton. He asks the question, who’s got magic? You are the magic! He talk about how our words matter.

Our student council had an amazing time at BYU and learned about how to be great leaders.  They came back with some motivation to help make our school a better place and to spread kindness throughout our school.

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Miss Susie Bird