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Teacher Tuesday - Mr. Crockett

Submitted by susan.bird on Wed, 10/20/2021 - 06:45
Mr. Gregg Crockett

We have a new facilitator here at Brookside, Mr. Gregg Crockett.  Mr. Crockett helps the teachers with anything they need.  He works as a mentor to our first, second and third year teachers and our students. He helps with professional development for the staff.  He helps and works with the students in many ways.  He is outgoing, helpful and always has a kind word to say to everyone. 

Here is a little more about Mr. Crockett.  On the weekend, he loves to travel or work on his house.  If he could have lunch with any fictional character, he would choose Snape from Harry Potter.  If he had $1000 he would make another down payment on a trip to Disney.  

His Favorite teacher was Miss Nielson (3rd Grade) becauseI knew she cared about me and it stuck all these years later. When he was asked who inspires him, he answered, My dad has always inspired me.  In family, in education, in work ethic, in church service.”

Share a memory of two from school. 1:  (get ready)  In Kindergarten, we were standing in line to walk back to class.  While standing there....I decided to pick a booger out of my nose.  I know, gross.  As it came from my nostril, it was one of those long stringy ones.  It didn't come free until my arm was fully extended.  I panicked and shook my arm, causing the snot rope to twirl.  My teacher, an old, short, scary old dinosaur of a teacher, came to investigate-just as the mucus landed on her face.  I thought she was going to kill me, but the shock of what had just happened caused her to stand there speechless, so I got back in line and walked to the classroom.

2:  High school marching band.  I played the saxophone, and decided to play a trick on our director during our practice for a half time show.  I traded places with the trumpet player who has a solo at the beginning of the number.  I learned the first 8 measures of the song and went and played for all I was worth.  The joke turned on the trumpet player as the director said, "Why did you stop, that was the best it's ever sounded."

What is your favorite thing to teach every year? Mr. Crockett said that he loved teaching lessons on the parts of a story and also our dividing by fractions unit.  He tells us that the best thing about his job is the sound, "OOOOOhhhhhh"!

Mr. Crockett loves  to do read alouds and create voices for the character.  Tied with reading alouds, is telling my students stories about my life and how they connect with what is being taught in class. We love having Mr. Crocket at Brookside!

Here are a few of his Favorites:

  • Pizza: Supreme/Deluxe or Garlic Chicken
  • book/author: Currently it's Kingdom Keepers-Ridley Pearson
  • Ice cream: Moose Tracks
  • Sport: Football
  • Color: Blue
  • Snack: Snickers or Babyruth
  • Zoo Animal: Cheetah
  • Recess game: Lava Monster on the spiderweb thingy

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