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September 2023

Thirteen Colonies Balloons

Submitted by susan.bird on

The fifth graders in Miss White’s class just ended their social studies unit on the 13 original colonies. Students researched and created a “balloon” poster to display all the information they found. They did a great job!

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Miss Kelly White


Submitted by susan.bird on

The students in Miss Bird’s fourth grade class have been learning about archeology. They learned about how archeologist piece together the artifacts and making guesses about what it is or how it was used. Students did this by putting together 25 pieces of a 100 piece puzzle and trying to guess what the picture was. Then, the students brought in artifacts that represented themselves. Students walked to room to try to discover who the artifact belonged to.

We're Hiring!

Submitted by tiffany.whitney on
We are hiring Child Nutrition Workers to work at Brookside Elementary (and other Springville/Mapleton schools)
Brookside Elementary Office