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5th Celebrated Their 1000th Day of School

Submitted by susan.bird on

Last week, the fifth graders celebrated their 1000th day of school.  They have been in school for 1000 days, starting way back in kindergarten.  Don’t believe me?  Do the math...170 days of kindergarten, add that to 180 days in first grade, second grade, third grade and fourth grade.  Then we added the first 110 days of fifth grade.  

We celebrated by each student writing down 15 memories of school making a chain that was over 1000 links long.  Each student got a blow pop to see if they could make it last for 1000 licks (it just wasn’t big enough).  Students planned a trip for $1000, wrote a letter to themselves to be opened in 1000 more school days and they created a picture with the number 1000 hidden among their artwork.  We worked together and wrote down 1000+ words that we know. We ended the day with 1000 cookies!  It was fun to celebrate an amazing achievement!

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