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August Pirate Pride Assembly

Submitted by amber.hobbs on

Brookside elementary has decided upon an exciting pirate theme this school year. Each month there will be new goals for the school to try and reach. Every month Mrs. Rudd will host a pirate pride assembly to recognize captain, crew, and pirates of the month. The captain of the month awards go to: Miss Bird, Mr. Hall, and Mrs. Gallagher, we are so lucky to have these amazing teachers at our school. The crew of the month award goes to: Mrs. Hobbs sixth grade class, Mrs. Mezas sixth grade class, and Miss Sahlins sixth grade class. Thank you to all of the sixth graders for being such great examples to all the other classes. The captains of the month award goes to: Ella Stoddard, Trevin Kelly, Quinn Levengood, Mia Garza, Jordan Thomas, James Strong, Kenzie Orozco, Julia Oberg, Sydney Erickson, and Ben Orme. Thank you for being a great example to all of the students at Brookside Elementary. We ended this wonderful assembly doing a pirate just dance song in which Mrs. Hobbs sixth grade class lead.

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