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Brookside Elemenary Praise Note Awards For The Week Of February 19, 2018

Submitted by liz.porter on

These Brookside students were recognized for their good behavior and kind deeds while here at school. Thank you to parents and students for encouraging best behavior at school, it makes a big difference

Wesley Martin worked hard in science the whole time, Kate Neth is always respectful towards her teacher, she never talks back and is very cooperative, Crosby Cutler got 100% on his math test, Riker Zufelt gave up a birthday treat to someone that didn't have one and he helped a student reach for a chair that was too high for her, Brayden Smith was a great sport and cheered for others that were playing basketball, Cooper Creer is careful to never call out in class by raising his hand, Lydia Steiner went above and beyond on her assignment, Millie Crawford and a friend made Valentines Day fun for others who had a mix up, Jacob Hill always does his best work, Alaynia Forbush always has a positive attitude, Brady Petersen is always working hard in class, Nixon Young is a GREAT cleaner, Samantha Rigtrup is always happy and encouraging other people, Zak Clegg fixes things that break all the time in class, Jane Thompson picks up trash in the hall, Haylee Miller helped a younger student fix his valentine box, Irelynn Waycasy was quiet during announcements and cheered up a fellow student that was having a bad day, Zoey Fluckiger saw and distroyed a mean note to another student before they read it and had their feelings hurt, and Emerie Peterson helped her classmate.

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