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Brookside Elementary Praise Note Students 11-16-2018

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Calvin Elder always comes in and gets started on daily tasks without being reminded, Henry Sorensen is so helpful. He jumps at the chance to help those around him. He is funny and friendly, Dominick Mortensen keeps cool under pressure. He helped a kindergartener when they got hurt. He got ice for her and had the office call her mom, Sophie Melendez always gets her work done. Even if she's unsure, she perseveres and tries her hardest, Owen Rich helps Mrs. Pickering during recess, Aiva Bird is helpful to her classmates and is friendly to everyone, Lucas Cox helped a classmate pick up, Maddix Thatcher included another student in his group who didn't have a partner and showed kindness, Perla Ruelas recopied her pilgrim paper without being told to because she wanted it to be neater, Maverik York problem solved to spell a word correctly, Millie Thompson is not afraid to make errors. She is a great reflective learner, Janelle Camacho strives to be on task at all times. She tries her best and is an example to others, Anika Thompson is always kind to those around her. She works hard and wants to learn. She makes the day happier, Seth Eves and Carson Young helped Mrs. Pickering run an errand during recess, Glenni Afemui is always setting a good example and reminds others to make good choices, Noah Yeagley helps students who struggle in writing by giving them ideas to write about.

Thank you students for making outstanding choices while inside and out of the classroom. Go Tiger's!

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Mrs. Dana Beckert