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Brookside Elementary Praise Note Students For April 23, 2021

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Darcy Bauer helped her classmate with math, Wesley Knoebel is a good student who always follows the rules, Griffin Smith is always willing to help other students, Nisha Burnside and Wyatt Kellar did a great job picking up trash on Eath Day, Avery Jolley is a hard worker and has a positive attitude in class, Adelaide Everly is willing to help others and the teacher whenever they need help, Christina Lerwill got 100% on the last four multiplication time tests, Chase Zufelt works on his basketball skills and talent every single day and is improving, Anika Thompson goes the extra mile when helping in the classroom, Annie Stewart always does her best work and looks for ways to help others, Luke Brown is a great example of how to behave in the classroom, and Ashelynn Sullivan has complete 100 multiplication problems before the 5 minute timer ran out!.

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