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Brookside Elementary Praise Note Students November 20, 2020

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Wow, we had a lot of praise note students this week. Here's a big shoutout to all the students working hard and trying their best! Ace York always tries to be kind to others and is a good friend, Jacob Mayo always has a kind word to say, Symoni Berg jumped in to help a classmate in need, Lacy Conrad held the door open for her classmates, Etta Kmetzsch always is willing to help others, Henry Orme is always so positive and a team player, Ellie Ricks worked super hard on her math assignment. Then she helped others, Henry Orme took extra time to do an above the top job on his division assignment, Attikus Saybolt worked hard in math without complaining. He has a very positive attitude that he brings to class daily, Seth Eves took extra time on math to get it done correctly, Hayden Harman showed kindness and gives sincere compliments to others, Seth Conrad does the right thing even when no one is watching, Ally Mayo is always happy to volunteer to be a helper, Attikus Saybolt is always so thoughtful of others around him, Jessie Peterson is always respectful and takes care of our classroom books and materials, Isaiah Garcia cares about doing well on all of his assignments and raises his hand for help if he needs it, Maggie Miller is very creative. She contributes ideas to the classroom that help us learn, Max Bauer stayed in and helped a friend assemble their toys and showed kindness, Rosie Miller saw someone spill their water bottle and helped them clean it up without being asked, Cora York has been spending extra time working hard after school on math and writing, Brooklyn Welsch has been doing an amazing job on her art and writing in class, Maverik York gave something that he wanted to his friend out of kindness, and Ayra Haglund helps other students with some difficult problems.

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