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Brookside Elementary Praise Note Students November 6, 2020

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We had a lot of praise note students over the last two weeks. Ryan Fay was a great friend at recess, Serenity Rees and Lydia Brown were walking so nice and quietly in the hall, Emma Hawkins was willing to help a classmate, Cooper Bartholomew always is kind to others, helping when needed, Lacy Conrad is willing to help her teacher with a smile on her face, Letley Strong works hard to be a friend to everyone, she is always kind, Emery Strong is always ready to help a friend in need, Aminn Johnson is giving up a book for a classmate to read, Seth Conrad immediately stopped playing to help a hurt friend, Hayden Harmen is always willing to help his friends and his teacher, Sadie Child always has a positive attitude, Ally Mayo is always looking for ways to help others, Andrew Bott is great at cheering on everyone else, Ellie Ricks is always kind and thinks about others, Maggie Elder and Aspyn Graves were big buddy helpers to Mrs. Larsen's Kindergarten class by helping carrying pumkins, Indy Nance is kind to others. She always follows the rules and works hard, Trey GIles is a fun student who always works hard and is kind to others, Sarah Crown works very hard in class. She always gets her work done, and Levi Weller picked up all of the paper towels in the bathroom and put them in the garbage.

Way to go students. #tigerpride, #brooksidepraisenotestudents, #brooksideelementarytigers

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