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Brookside Elementary Praise Note Students For The Week Of January 15, 2018

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This is a great group of students this week that have gone above and beyond in praiseworthy acts.  Joshua Talbot put all the chairs up without being asked, Cole Levengood is working hard at being polite and following directions, Baylee Sampson helps her neighbors, Caleb Salmond tries to do hard things, Kaelinn Haglund took down all the chairs in the classroom, Madi Fay helped a classmate with math, Derek Huerta has worked hard on his reading, Mckinley Bartholomew is a good friend, Lydia Kmetzsch picked up trash without being asked, Maverik York cleaned up without being asked, Casey Cottle follows directions while the class is lined up, Sina Afemui is very polite, Kaleb Rivas took time to think before writing in his journal, and Jake Simpson picked up trash without being asked.

Keep up all the praiseworthy acts students, we are watching you!

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Mrs. Dana Beckert