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Brookside Elementary Praise Note Winners-January 21, 2018

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We have a great group of students this week who did a lot of praiserworthy acts. Banin Lee tells the truth, Devon Levengood has an enthusiasm for learning, David Carson is very kind, Gunnar Weight participates by raising his hand, Nixon Young, Quin Clegg, & Gracie Tanner are listening, Tayler Christensen is compassionate, Taylor Woodward remembers to say thank you, Jazmin Sanchez has good manners and thinks of others, Alex Woodward lets others line up first, Charlie Young does her best work and is kind to others, Josie Whiting picked up trash in the lunchroom, Hunter Curtis helps clean up the classroom, Baylee Jenkins always has a positive attitute and is always helping others, Josh Creer asks questions to make sure he understands, Lexie Antonino is always willing to help others, Parker Young makes the class laugh, Ashley Fitzgerald is happy and works quietly, Alexis Mackay helps push in classroom chairs, Lucas Cox helps put down the classroom chairs, Sabrina Southern went above and beyond in the lunchroom helping Mr. McCarty clean up lunch tables.

Thanks students! We appreciate your help making our classrooms and school great.

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Mrs. Liz Porter