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Brookside Elementary Praise Notes For Week Of October 23, 2017

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Our praise note students for this week are Cosette Lee, Alora Taylor, Eliza Baker, Lewis Talbot, Maxx Mancebo, Hildy Mangum, Andres Solorio, Mia Ollerton, Jeryck McCoy, Caroline Poole, Jens Cutler, Sophia Melendez, Jacob Hill, Luke Hudson, Corbin Moore, Jane Thompson, Sadie Parker, Caleb Salmond, Garvyn Vanpatten, Kaleb Rivas, Johnny Pickering, Liesel Scott, Dylan Keith, Maggie Brooks, Jacynet Delgado, Talon Keith, Alexa Laneres, and Evee Fullmer.

Some of the good things we have seen this week: "Helping others and doing her best work", "taking time with math work and being a good friend", "really tries to improve in writing", "friendly to everyone", "showed patience when her Egyptian artifact was knocked to the floor several times by accident", "always trying to make the classroom better", "helped during a game at recess", "helps without being asked", "asked for permission", "has a positive attitude", "trys hard at writing", "memorizing math facts", " patient and helpful to others", "helped others with research", and "walked quietly in the halls".

Thank you students, we appreciate all you do to make our school a happy, safe and awesome place!

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Mrs. Dana Beckert