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Brookside Praise Note Students February 1, 2019

Submitted by liz.porter on

We had a tremendous amount of praise note students this week. Way to go students! Kempton Nord and German Ramos helped out Mrs. Fitzgerald by asking how he could help her, Charlotte Brady showed empathy for others in class, Easton Thompson and Olivia Moreno ask great questions, Liam Jackson is determined to work hard and follow rules, Jack Smith quickly jumped in to help a neighbor find something, Leah Simkins is staying focused to get her math done and to write neater, Riker Zufelt brought treats for the class during reading marathon, Caroline Felix sees something that needs to be done and does it, Kate Neth sets up the classroom everyday, Quin Clegg works hard everyday and is dependable, Paxton West helped a friend remember to do his lunch count, Joey Reese and Christine Cardenes, stacked chairs at the end of the day, Gavin Johnson took down all the chairs in the classroom without being asked, Nathan Cunningham always tries his very best in class and his reading has improved because of this, Olivia Ollerton helps her classmates and Mrs. Tautu, Reid Mortensen has really worked hard staying focused and following directions, Quin Clegg has been working really hard in class, Ryker Mortensen, Dominick Mortensen, Wesley Martin, Riker Fullmer, Alex Morales, Evee Fullmer, and Tlon Keith all were very quick to help clean up a big drink spill.

This is just excellent students. Keep up the great work! #praisenotes, #brooksidetigersareawesome

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Mrs. Dana Beckert