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Brookside Praise Note Students For January 24, 2020

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Mrs. Nielsen says, "Wyatt Jarman is challenging himself by reading a chapter book", "Lila Anderson has been having a positive attitude about hard things to do", "Jaxon Jensen is always doing what the teacher asks him to do", and "Mya Oakey has been working hard on reading and has progressed a lot" Mrs. Pickering says, "Alexa Hughes was an expert with her number line today. She worked so hard", "Indy Nance used her best handwriting on her morning work. It looked awesome", Mrs. Jorgensen says, "Nathan Cunningham always picks up the toys when the bell rings at 8:55am", Mr Anderson says, "Lillie Christian helps put down all of the chairs in the classroom each morning, and Ryker Hancock has read over 80 minutes for the last 4 weeks", Mrs. Graves says, "Dallyss Ellner helped a friend in the morning. Always going above and beyond to show friendship", Miss White says, "Camilla Holloway is a good example to others of being on task and making quality projects, Kempton Nord is such a positive and happy student. He greets me with a friendly hello, and Katara Penrod is always so helpful and volunteers to help all the time in class", Mrs Smith says, "Lilly Mitchell is always willing to help when a task needs to be done, she is very reliable, Avaree Moore is a good friend to others and shares treats/prizes and is generous with classmates, and Austyn Oakey tries really hard to be a good friend to his classmates and be kind."

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