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Brookside Students Who Earned A Praise Note-August 25, 2017

Submitted by liz.porter on Fri, 08/25/2017 - 10:15

Every Friday, students who have demonstrated that they have what it takes to be a tiger, will be awarded a Praise Note. We encourage every student to work hard this year so they can receive one.

Being a tiger means: Trustworthy, Is always kind, Generous, Enthusiastic, and Respectful

Jeryck McCoy: Helped stack other students chairs, Taycee Anderson: For being kind and a great friend in class, Jack Beach: Picked up trash that wasn't even his at lunch time, Cole Levengood: put up chairs for his classmates, Charlie Smith: working hard at her cursive, Dominick Mortensen: Helped with a special acting project and is becoming an amazing engineer, Lydia Steiner: She took care of the classroom by working on special projects, Brayden Smith: Leading our class in being polite, and Samantha Steiner: Leading a special project to organize our classroom.

Great work students!

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Mrs. Dana Beckert