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The Crystal Apple Goes To...

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Mrs. Antonino is this year’s Crystal Apple Award winner at Brookside Elementary.  This award is much deserved. Mrs. Antonino is the facilitator here at Brookside and helps every single person with a variety of problems.  Mrs. Wirfs, Mrs. Antonino’s sister wrote here an amazing tribute. Here are just a few of those words. “Mrs. Antonino has an amazing work ethic in which she can get any job done quickly and thoroughly.  Not only can she do just about anything, but she teaches, guides, and mentos others along the way.”

Her colleagues said this about Mrs. Antonino:  “She always encourages me when I am losing confidence.  She brings me up!” “Mrs. Antonino is always there to bounce ideas off of, to listen when you need an ear and to offer suggestions when needed.”  “She is amazing because she has always been there for me, to pick me pick up when I fall short and make sure that I see good in myself!” Mrs. Antonino has just the right mix of characteristics and skills to be effective in her demanding position.  She works so hard to vouch for the kids, while providing sincere and helpful support to teachers. She cares about us, as colleagues and she cares about kids, and that is why she is great at her job.” “Mrs. Antonino is a good listener and hard worker.  She is a great supporter. When called, she comes as soon as she can and if she doesn’t know the answer, she always figures it out.”

We love Mrs. Antonino and are so lucky she is here at Brookside!

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