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Dr. Seuss Wrap Up

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To go along with our dress up week, we had a couple of competitions runnings.  The first took place in library and was called the Math with the Lorax competition.  There was a large jar of gumballs in the library and each student got to guess how many gumballs were in the jar.  The number of gumballs in the jar was… 495!

The closest guess and the first place winner is:  Azariah Sroufe in Mrs. Haines 5th Grade class. She guessed 499 gumballs.

There were 5 students who tied for second place. They all guessed 500 gumballs.  The second place winners are…Rhett Morrison in Mrs. Smith’s 5th Grade class, Riker Zufelt in Mrs Graves 4th grade class, Kate Neth in Mrs. Graves 4th grade class, Deagan Rosenlof in Miss Bradford’s 3rd Grade class, and Taylor Mcferson in Mrs. Stapel’s 2nd Grade class.  Congrats to all the winners

The second competition was a bookmark design contest.  The students were all given a template to create a bookmark.  With so many amazing entries, the student counsel decided to pick a design from each grade.  The winnesr of this competition will get their bookmarks copied and given to each student in their grade.  Great job to every student that entered a bookmark. Here are the winners for the bookmark contest.

  • Kindergarten – Emi Cruz in Mrs. Gallagher’s class.
  • 1st Grade – Ruth Barker in Mrs. Pickering’s class.
  • 2nd Grade – Henry Mangum in Mrs. Stapel’s class
  • 3rd Grade – Maddison Bills in Miss White’s class
  • 4th Grade – Caroline Felix in Mrs. Graves class
  • 5th Grade – Mary Finlayson in Mrs. Haines class
  • 6th Grade – Madison Fay in Mrs. Crandell’s class

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