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Friend Friday - Mrs. Rigtrup

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Our friend this Friday is an amazing technician Mrs. Kristen Rigtrup.  Mrs. Rigtrup works with students and keeps our guided reading library organized and updated.  We couldn’t do it with Mrs. Rigtrup. We are grateful she works here at Brookside. 

What do you love to do on the weekend? Hiking or Doing something fun with my family

If you could have lunch with a fictional character, who would it be? Iron Man

Who was your favorite teacher and why? Mr. Larson. I liked playing sports and so did Mr. Larson. He would integrate sports throughout the day into our learning or for fun, and it helped me relate to what I was learning and made learning easier and fun for me. 

If you were given $1000 - what would you buy? A trip (I wonder where she would go?)

What song would you sing at Karaoke night? Any Eagles, Chicago or Journey’s songs

Who or what inspires you? Happy and Positive people

Share a memory of school: I ran track in school and I still hold the record in my elementary school for the 50 yard dash

What is your favorite thing to teach every year? Whatever I'm told to teach ;)

What is the best thing about your job?  Getting to know all the teachers, techs and students.


  • Pizza: Plain old Pepperoni
  • book/author: Mistborn/Brandon Sanderson
  • Ice cream:Daiquiri Ice
  • Sport: Football/Basketball
  • Color: Green
  • Snack: Popcorn
  • Zoo Animal: Monkey
  • Recess game: Swing/Monkey Bars

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