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January Pirate Pride Assembly

Submitted by amber.hobbs on

The Pirate Pride assemblies have been such a fun school tradition this year. The captains of the month of January were Ms. White, Mrs. Broussard, and Mrs. Hall's classroom aides. They are great examples that everyone at Brookside can look up too. The crews of the month were: Mrs. Pulley's PM, Mrs. Gonzalez class, and Mrs. Hall's class. The Pirates of the month were: Sharlyn Moreno, Travis Nord, Parker Young, Quinn Root, Tyler Truscott, Pryse Emerson, David Hansen, Jaxon Beckstrom, Kahekili Wayas, Oakley Mortensen, Baylee Jenkins, Kandence Allgood, Yadira Aguilar, Nathalia Estrada, Christopher Ruiz, and Kyle Divine. Keep up the great work Brookside!! 

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Mrs. Hobbs