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May Tiger Of The Month Students

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Our Brookside students that are being recognized by their teachers as May Tiger's of the Month are:

Anthony Erickson in Mrs. Hall, Rosemary Miller in Mrs. Larsen, Brenna Cottle in Mrs Gallagher, Claire Oldroyd in Mrs Pickering, Eliza Taylor in Mrs. Hill, Wyatt Keller in Mr Anderson, Zoe Mortensen in Mrs. Rands, Indy Nance in Mrs Stapel, Melissa Acero in Mrs Harmon, Seth Eves Mrs Graves, Lenixx West in Mrs. Bird, Olivia Reynolds in Mrs. Andrews, Jake Simpson in Mrs. Gregory, Ben Palmer in Ms. Bradfords, Henry Lewis in Miss White, Maggie Saybolt in Mrs. Smith, Aminn Johnson in Miss Bird, Shilo Boshell in Mrs. Crandell, Jason Truscott in Mrs. Reini, and Toffer Bartholomew in Mrs. Hatch.

We have amazing students here at Brookside and we have been recognizing them throughout the year. These are the last students for this year but we look forward to recognizing more students in the Fall.

#maytigerofthemonthstudents, #brooksidepride

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