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Mrs. Bradford's Class has been Busy!

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Miss Bradford’s class learned all about warm and cool colors from GAINS presenter, Christine Palmer. Students followed-up with an art activity, where they created warm or cool art pieces of their own. These pieces are proudly on display in Miss Bradford’s room.

School counselor, Andria Beckham teaches about teamwork in Miss Bradford’s class.  “A fun time was had by all.”

Miss Bradford’s class had fun drawing life-size images of themselves. They did an amazing job. Can you tell which one is the picture and which one is the person???

Mr. Peterson visits Miss Bradford’s 3rd grade classroom to teach her students how to make a jack-o-lantern....on chromebooks. No mess necessary.

Miss Bradford’s students pictured attending the end-of-term reward activity. They were rewarded with a movie and treats, because of their excellent citizenship throughout the term.  WAY TO GO, THIRD GRADERS!!!!!

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Ms. Mary Jenn Bradford