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Mrs. Jorgensen and Mrs. Wesson Retires

Submitted by susan.bird on Fri, 05/22/2020 - 10:51

This year, we have two amazing people retiring. Mrs. Rebecca Jorgensen, second grade teacher, and Mrs. Brenda Wesson, school psychologist. Both of these women have been fixtures at Brookside for many years. They are amazing coworkers, teachers, counselors, and friends. They have the children’s best interest at heart. They are loved by both staff and students. We are sad to see them go and wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors.

They were asked to share what Brookside has meant to them. Here is what they said.

Mrs. Jorgensen
“Brookside 2nd grade has been my second home for 15 wonderful years. I love working with children and seeing the lights go on. I love the challenge of teaching the core in a way that students are engaged and love learning. I wanted my students to love reading and learning for their life not just to pass a test. There are so many things I will miss. I don't even want to get started but I will miss our read alouds where we think about our reading and discuss it. I have worked and learned from some of the best people. Teaching has been my passion, hobby, and main genre and now it's time to find some new ones.”

Mrs. Wesson
“My career as a school psychologist has included six wonderful years at Brookside Elementary. It all started as a principal's request to have me join the Brookside team, with a focus on pre-intervention strategies and assistance for teachers. From that focused beginning, I have learned so much about the strength of cohesive school teams and the positive impact for children. I am truly grateful for the experiences I have had with wonderful faculty, parents and students. I am also amazed at the growth and progress of our school to the point where we have so many targeted resources to help students and teachers! So the thing I will miss the most is working together with my Brookside family...but I can still claim you! You mean so much to me and my happiest memories are being part of a team that believes in each other and the ability of kids to succeed.”

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