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November Pirate Pride Assembly

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The Captains of the month of Novemeber were Mrs. Rudd, Ms. Wertner, and Mrs. Harrison. They are all wonderful examples to the teachers and students at Brookside elementary. They care about all of their students and put in a lot of hard work. The crews of the month were: Mrs. Gallagher's PM class, Mr. Andersons, Ms. Wertners, and all of the fifth grade classes. For the pirates of the month we had: Melanie Shalvis, Aron Alvidrez, Ella Whatcott, Lilia Hernandez, Alayna Forbush, Dylan Reilly, Jayden Pickering, Kade Dellamas, Lydia Brooks, Reese Nelson, Ben Lewis, Jonatan Naranjo, Swayer Grover, and Landon Holt.
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Mrs. Hobbs