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Praise Note Student's For May 21, 2021

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Annie Stewart is positive and always willing to help others. She always does her best, Anika Thompson always does her best work. She is helpful and kind in class, Korver Esplin is a great problem solver. He looks for ways to improve and help others stay positive, Braxton Martinez works very hard on his class projects, Grant Dover works hard to stay on task and do his best work, Max Hall congratulates others in class when they get recognition for doing amazing things, Olivia Slingerland worked hard to finish her project even though it was hard, Letley Strong always has a positive attitude and is cheerful all the time, and Isabel Adams is a good friend to everyone and is never unkind to people.

As the year winds down, we are so proud of our Brookside students. They continue to work hard and do amazing and kind things.

#brooksidestudentsarethebest, #brooksidepraisenotes, #brooksidetigers 

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