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Praise Note Students For The Week Of August 27-31, 2018

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Look at what many of our Brookside Tiger's were caught doing: Amelia Crawford was cleaning up trash on the playground, Kennedy Dabb listens to the teacher and does her best work, Tiffany Eaglefeather is on time to school and ready to have a great day, Henry Orme helped clean up someone else's mess, Hayden Harman is ready to listen to instructions. He works hard to be on task and is a friend to everyone, Shawn Costello has been doing a great job of raising his hand before speaking, Annie Stewart is always polite to others. She is constantly helping others and always says thank you, Mac Christensen really worked hard writing his story this week. he smiled a lot this week too, Quinn Rummage always works hard and follows all our class rules with a smile on her face, Aubree Forbes is helpful when a classmate was hurt, Brielle Ballard is always listening and participates, Adam Archer helps classroom neighbors find their math page, Loraine Anderson is quiet and always listens, Brandt Knoebel picked up trash on the playground without being asked, Alexa Salazar gave a friend her extra headphones while on computers, Olivia Milligan helped a classmate put together their notebook, Taycee Anderson always raises her hand to ask questions, Dominick Mortensen is using polite language and helping the class to stay quiet while working, Joel Arbon went to sit by someone who was alone at recess and is a good friend to others, Ashley Fitzgerald always has a smile on her face and is kind and cheerful in class, Madison Fay is going above and beyond in her writing every day, Maya Arreola has jumped right in at a new school and works hard, Jakzen Vanpatten is always respectful and on task in class. He is also a good example to others.

Thank you students. we love your TIGER PRIDE!

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