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Praise Note Students For The Week Of February 5, 2018

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Mason Wirfs is always helping when he can, Tyson Eves is a great friend to everyone, Logan Busby willing to share and does so happily!, Tyler Fay is writing neater, Reece Petersen has improved on paying attention, Kate Smith always does her best work, Quincee Welsch is willing to help out with a classmate when he needs it. She is friends with EVERYONE!, Mac Christensen is staying after to put all the magnets away, Ethan Dover finishes his work then reads quietly and doesn't disrupt other students, Shawn Costello was sitting quietly during the assembly, Perla Ruelas picked up items off the floor that were not hers, Josh Jones unstacked all the chairs in the morning without being asked, Flo Palma notices win wins in our classroom reading, Sophia Melendez helped another student understand math, Gracie Tanner picked up trash in the hall without being asked, Liam Jackson has been working very hard in math and reading, Lewis Talbot kindly asked a classmate to clean up, and Paige Blackburn helped a classmate with schoolwork after they were absent.

Terrific job students, we love to praise your great acts done throughout the week! Thank you Burger King for the free kids meals as a reward.

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Mrs. Dana Beckert