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Staff Spotlight - Julie Karren

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Mrs. Julie Karren is one of our wonderful technicians who work with our first and second graders in their LLI groups.  She helps these students with reading skills and comprehension and so much more. Welcome to the Brookside family!

On the weekend, Mrs. Karren loves spending time with my family and sleeping past 7am!

Who was your favorite teacher and why? Miss Brogdan in Kindergarten, so SWEET and very kind!

If  you were given $1000 - what would you buy?Maybe a TV upgrade? We often like to watch DVDS as a family when we are home.”

What song would you sing at Karaoke night? Greatest Showman sound track

Who or what inspires you?My Mom. She helped my Dad win the fight against cancer in her 70's and won that same fight herself just over a year ago!”

Share a memory of school:

  • I grew up in Pennsylvania, so there were LOTS of bitter cold, snowy days waiting at the bus stop a quarter of the way from my house. My two older brothers and I would always wonder if the bus would make it or not.

What is your favorite thing to teach every year?Be a friend. You never know if your smile is the only one another person might get to see all day!”

What is the best thing about your job?I have to pick just ONE?! My LLI students - so smart and helpful!”’


  • Pizza: Combination
  • book/author: Mo Willems. He always makes me GRIN!
  • Ice cream: Cookie dough brownie
  • Sport: Fishing
  • Color: light blue and pink
  • Snack: Anything dark chocolate
  • Zoo Animal: Elephants
  • Favorite recess activity: Jumping rope, swings and tag

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